Biologists believe there is nowhere as safe as womb.

The very first cry of a newborn baby is an alarm of a sudden inevitable exile, psychologists say.

This is the Fall.

The first cry symbolizes all agonies of life, including the mother's labor pain.

We never regain that sublime comfort we used to have in womb after birth. Perhaps the quality and quantity of crying and laughing, sorrow and happiness stems from the memory of separation from our motherland. There is no therapy for the homesickness of this unavoidable transition.

Humans make their destiny gradually and seek what is defined as success and happiness in society, whereas the real relief is hidden in deliverance; freedom from the burden of possession with the help of a bare mind. I believe humankind's pain originates from the fact that the real euphoria is connected by an invisible umbilical cord to an imaginary womb.

That blubbery globe has been exploded and only a vague memory has been remained in the unconscious.

The outside cold has shattered the inside serenity.

Lungs have gotten started.

Difficult Delivery of The Immortal Baby 2022