Overall View

My artistic activity is related to my experiences in graphics, drawing, painting, sculpting, and video arts. I present most of my ideas via various Media. As a multidisciplinary artist, I have a critical viewpoint my surroundings may take different issues into consideration; however, there is a close connection between image, imagination, signs, language, philosophy, and society in my works. My artworks are a mirror hold before life, culture and my ambitions. I might manipulate the position of some elements in nature, environment, society, linguistics or go beyond the simplicity of the surface and read between the lines but I am always influenced by the environment and I try to refer to social points which may be odd and also interesting for the people in other parts of the world. I always try to have creativity by the manipulation of perceptible facts surrounding me. To be honest, as a Middle Eastern citizen, I attempt to inspire myself by the exotic/odd social and cultural conditions. It is to be mentioned that I consider the cultural and artistic origins of my country; however, I tend to ponder upon the issues of contemporary human beings by the language of art. In order to do this, I do not seek to find answers about the conditions of my environment. Rather, I am willing to pose questions about them. I like to be in contact with the average people and I try to attain a better perception of each of them. Moreover, the nature is strongly inspiring for me. I try to depict the differences of intangible contrasts among the phenomena of the environs. I find take most of my ideas from the society; therefore, I work in a new environment in order to augment my experiences by meeting new cultures, artists, and people therefore, open a new page by the inspiration of new situations. Titles are of high importance in my artworks because they are formed by a targeted, deliberate transformation. I always get involved with language-as an active and living element in men’s life- and its manifestation in the form of spoken, written, and sometimes acting which is a universal language (body language).This is why I ponder over art and it is a means to converse with myself and the world around, a conversation which may not lead to an instructive or actual conclusion but reveals my way of thinking and imagination. Furthermore, it pictures the blurred borders of our own worlds.